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Our Capabilities

Our vessels are designed and constructed to conduct safe, fast, comfortable transport and transfer of personnel and equipment in the toughest of marine environments.  They are specifically designed to offer a reliable, capable and flexible solution to the challenges faced by customers requiring access to offshore assets, either during construction projects, long term operations and maintenance or upgrade phases.

Our fleet of highly capable offshore energy support vessels are able to undertake tasks including, but not limited to:

Our Capabilities

Personnel Transfer

Passenger safety, comfort and welfare is our top priority. All vessels in our fleet maintain industry leading low noise and vibration levels and are fitted with high speed code certified seating and comfortable onboard welfare facilities. An onboard system constantly monitors and transmits data on vessel motion during transit and transfer. 

Our Capabilities

Equipment Transport

The vessels within our fleet are all high cargo payload capable with large deck areas. They are fitted with ISO certified container mounts and multiple load tested cargo tie-down points. The crew are trained and certified in lifting operations and each vessel is fitted with an onboard crane.

Our Capabilities

Fuel Transfer

All Seacat Vessels are capable of metered transfer of fuel, either on or off, while offshore. Fuel hoses are equipped with hand controlled nozzle and breakaway coupling, the onboard pumps can supply up to a 40m head pressure.

Our Capabilities

Survey Work

Our stable catamaran workboats with extremely manoeuvrable propulsion, shallow draft and large deck area provide an ideal platform to conduct towed or side scan survey. The interior is a comfortable and spacious adaptable workspace.  

Our Capabilities

Dive Operations

Diving containers can be installed on deck and supplied with power. The interior has cabins for changing, a hot shower and welfare facilities. Boarding is easy via integrated ladder or stern platforms.

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